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RES Walk, Run and Roll Club Active Lifestyle Challenge 2020

As RES families participate in this activity we ask that all families and friends please
honor the government guidelines of social distancing while participating in this event.
“Getting exercise and spending time outside is important and you can do
it while continuing to take all necessary precautions and following public
health orders while you were out of the house.” Dr. Hinshaw April 20th,
2020  Government of Alberta April 20, 2020 update.
We look forward to RES families joining us in our active lifestyle challenge! Along with
walking and running, our challenge includes your choice of other physical activities such
as biking, rollerblading, riding a scooter, and any other rolling activity! It is up to
individual families to choose when/where to complete this challenge. Have fun, and if
you’d like, post pictures on social media of your family participating in our active
lifestyle challenge or a picture of your km tracking sheet, with the hashtag: #resmoves

Dates of Active Lifestyle Challenge:
Friday, April 24- Sunday, June 7

Choose your Challenge: 40km or 80km
1km of walking or running = 1km on your tracking sheet
2km of other physical activities (biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, longboarding,
riding a scooter, etc....) = 1 km on your tracking sheet

Prizes:                                                                                                                                          Prizes will be available to RES students only.  Pre-School to Grade 6                                    40km PRIZE: RES Buff
80km PRIZE: 1 free Slurpee from Town Pump
If you complete the 80km challenge you will receive the 40km prize AND the 80km

*Prizes will only be for students of RES. All family is welcome to participate in the
active lifestyle challenge BUT RES will only be able to provide prizes for students
currently attending RES. Thank you for all your support.

How to Track Your km’s:
Choose one of the attached tracking sheets or use your own system. If you have
multiple children participating they can each use their own tracking system or you could
have one tracking system that the whole family uses together.
How to Report Your km’s:
On Monday, May 4th contact your child’s teacher and let them know if your child will be
participating. (You can start the challenge on Friday, April 24th)
Contact your child’s teacher on MONDAY, JUNE 8th to report how many km’s your child
completed (no earlier or later). Teachers do not need to see the tracking sheets. They
simply need to know how many km’s your child completed. It is important that
information is reported on June 8th and no later, so that we can get prizes organized
and information sent to Town Pump.
If you have multiple children participating, please contact each teacher separately to

How to Claim Your Prize/s:
After the challenge is complete, we will email out information about how/when to claim
your prize/s.     

Free to Participate:
In light of this year’s events we want to thank you for your support in home learning and
hope that you simply have fun with this active lifestyle challenge!
Thank you!!
- RES Walk, Run and Roll committee and RES Staff

A special thanks to Raymond Pharmasave and Town Pump for helping make this
possible with their generous contributions!!

Questions/ Concerns:
Please direct your questions/ concerns to a member of the Walk, Run and Roll

40km Tracking Sheet        80km Tracking Sheet      Tracking Log Spreadsheet(1)

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