RES Morning Arrival Times:

The RES morning breakfast program is open to all RES students and has been very successful.  Many thanks to Mrs. Karen Salmon for her hard work and the delicious food that is being enjoyed by our students.  Please remember that the school is open for students who wish to participate in the breakfast program @ 7:50 a.m.  All classes begin at 8:25 a.m. Please help us to maintain a safe environment for student arrival by keeping your children in your care until 7:50 a.m. each school morning.  Thank you for your continued support.


OverDrive: eBooks & Audio Books

RES Parents and Students,

Westwind School Division No. 74 now offers free eBooks and audiobooks to our students! Our digital library connects students with a collection of reading materials to supplement their studies, as well as offering the kind of titles they would find in our school library for pleasure reading. 

Our digital collection is available 24/7 and all you need to get started is an internet connection and your Student Email Address and password.  For example: if I were Luke Skywalker my email would be something like and my password would be 4 or 6 digits.


Digital books are compatible with smart phones, tablets, eReaders and computers. Titles can be read right in the internet browser or downloaded using the free OverDrive app. At the end of the lending period (14 days) titles automatically expire so there are never any late fees.

We are exited about this addition to our library and encourage you and your student to Check It Out!



Happy Reading,

Terisa Mora And Dixie Heggie

RES Librarians



Students & staff at R.E.S. are being encouraged to wear sports jerseys on Thursday, April 12 to show support for those affected by the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. We will join people from across Canada for Jersey Day, which was organized by a group of B.C hockey moms.



It is that time of year that we need to recognize our choir students. We will be hosting a choir concert this Friday, April 13. The concert will begin at 10:45 AM. Thank you again for your support as we showcase the hard work of these two groups. Choir students need to wear black on Friday.


One School One Book Fundraiser

Raymond Elementary School would like to thank parents, students, community and staff for their overwhelming support of our 5th Annual One School One Book Fundraiser. Through our cupcakes sales, personal donations and concession sales at the family literacy night, we surpassed our goal of $2000.00 and were able to donate $2276.00! This money is match by SHAW and so RES's donation automatically becomes $4552.00! This enables one family to stay at the Ronald McDonald house for an entire month. Thank you all for supporting this worthwhile fundraiser and for helping families stay together in times of need.



Raymond Elementary performance group promotes inclusion, expression and unity through music and dance


Jerry First Charger, a Family School Liaison Counsellor with Westwind, believes that the best way for students to gain an appreciation for First Nation culture and feel connected to it is to experience it and participate firsthand.  This is exactly why he organized the RES All-Star Entertainers, a performing group of 32 grades 4, 5, and 6 students from Raymond Elementary School.  The group performs for students across Westwind School Division as well as other school divisions with a goal to share a multicultural view through song and dance.  

Mr. First Charger is a professional hoop dancer, a First Nations singer and flute player, and an ‘Old School B Boy from the 80’s’ who loves to entertain.  In the past few years he has taken on the role of dance instructor and loves to teach youth how to dance. He believes strongly that inclusion and preventive programming is the key to connecting with students and helping them succeed.  Four years ago when he began working at RES he organized the “RES All Star Entertainers" to achieve that purpose.

"Any time you can get kids involved in something that makes them excited it can be used as a tool and a preventative measure" Mr. First Charger explains. "I wanted to organize a program that didn't necessarily focus on only native students. I wanted to create something that was inclusive and multicultural."

Members of the group are hand-selected by RES teachers in September and the program teaches and encourages students to participate in traditional hoop dancing, interpretive dance, flute playing, drumming and even break dancing. The group is purely extra curricular and students practice from September to February and then perform publicly through the months of March and April. The group then comes back and performs for their peers at RES for the first week in May.  The program is free for students, however Mr. First Charger says that the only "price" is that they have to be prepared to perform in the showcase performances at the end of the year for other schools and their peers.

RES All Star Entertainers

 Mr. First Charger explains that the program is still evolving and slowly building.  Over the past four years he has added new performance elements, such as the hand drum and one of his favorite activities to do with the group is a "hand drum drumline showdown."

In previous years Mr. First Charger was heavily involved in the student performances. Now, he explains, his goal is to allow the kids to do all of the performing and be more 'hands-off'. He believes that students will become more empowered as they realize that they can carry the performance all by themselves. He has trained students to take on every aspect of the show and truly ‘own’ their performance experience.

"At one of our recent performances I was approached by a native gentlemen who told me that watching the native and non-native students dance and perform together was the true expression of freedom."  Mr. First Charger recalls. "I really believe that the only way that the native culture can be fully appreciated by non-native students is for them to experience it firsthand and participate. That's how people really gain new understanding."

RES Principal Marlin Hogg points out that Mr. First Charger organizes the RES All Star Entertainers on his own time because of his love for the groups. “[This program] gives another opportunity for students that usually don't get their moment in the spotlight to stand out in a medium that is very tough to do.” says Mr. Hogg.  “Our students are always amazed at their peers when they perform for them.”


 The All-Star Entertainers have several performances booked over the next few weeks:  

  • March 29, 2018: Cardston Elementary School

  • April 9, 2018: Enchant School

  • April 16, 2018: Coalhurst Elementary School

  • April 26, 2018: Taber Mennonite School

  • May 1, 2018: RES Assembly 11am (Will be performing for AM Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, and 3)

  • May 3, 2018 RES Assembly 1pm (Will be performing for the PM Kindergarten, Grades 4, 5, and 6)

Cupcake Sales

Thank you to all the parents who donated cupcakes this week. Students in grade one had the opportunity to purchase cupcakes and raised $179.00 to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. Way to go grade ones!!

We'd also like to thank the following individuals who have donated online:                                       

Mrs. Elaine Ross, Mrs. Jackie Flemming and Mrs. Kerry Taylor.

If you would like to make a donation to Ronald McDonald House, please click the link and follow the online instructions.



RES Little Red Sneaker Award

RES is pleased to announce February's Little Red Sneaker Award recipients are Mr. Gary Greep and Miss Jamie Jensen!

Miss Jodi Jensen had the following to say about Mr. Greep:
      "I have chosen Mr. Gary Greep as the Red Shoe recipient. Mr. Greep is a behind the scenes type of person. He is willing to go the extra mile in setting up anything that needs to be set up in the school. I believe he even spends evenings hauling staging and bleachers from the other schools to our gym He is one of the first teachers to drop what he is doing to help make equipment for special event days. Mr. Greep treats all of the students with respect and kindness. You can tell that his students enjoy being in his class. I often see students from the other schools drop in to see their favourite teacher. He is also willing to share his resources with his colleagues. Mr. Greep is very deserving of this award. Thank you for being a great teacher!"

Mr. Stevenson awarded Miss Jamie Jensen the Little Red shoe for the following reasons:
       "The person who I am giving the red shoe to is someone who exemplifies exactly what it means to be a teacher. I don’t think any other teacher is more involved in committees and other school initiatives to help improve the experience that students at RES receive. I know most of my resources and probably most of the other teachers in Div. 1 resources are things that she has made and given away. In my interview to get a teaching job at RES I was asked if I could pick a mentor who would I pick, I didn’t hesitate at all. This teacher has helped me become a much more confident teacher and helped me to progress at a rate that I would never have been able to do without her guidance. I’m sure we can all think of a time that she has positively impacted your teaching as well. She may have the messiest room, but it’s all teacher gold. I’m giving the red shoe to Jamie Jensen."

Congratulations to both!