Baby it’s cold outside! -30 windchill, so students will enjoy an indoor recess this morning. Temperatures will be monitored throughout the day to determine if students go outside at lunch or this afternoon.



Thank you to all our students who participated in our Chocolate Bar Fundraiser! We are excited to announce our winners!!! 1st-Madi Wipf, 2nd-Ari Gilbert, 3rd-Troy Flexhaug, 4th-Savanna Ockey. We also gave prizes to those students who sold over 100 bars! Rigden Kienzle, Robyn Richards, Evie Fleming, Arron Strong, Makaio Nasol, AJ Murray, Brenan Wedel & Charlotte Dourte.  Easton Fraser won the draw for the 5lb chocolate bar.



REMINDER to all parents we only have 4 days of school this week and of course those days will be jam packed! Here are the important events this week:

December 18 -20 -- Classrooms will continue to collect non-perishable food items to be donated to the Lethbridge Food Bank. Each class has been challenged to build a tower with their food donations. Grade 6 Spirit Committee will be visiting each class on Wednesday to measure who has built the tallest tower!

December 21 - Pajama Day -- where your comfiest jammies to school today!

Please note that skating also continues this week.

December 18 - 11:00am: Grade 2, 1:00pm: Grade 5, 2:00pm: Grade 4

December 19 - 9:00am: Grade 1, 10:30am: Grade 2, 1:00pm: Grade 3, 2:00pm: Grade 6

December 20 - 10:00am: Grade 6, 1:00pm: Grade 5, 2:00pm: Grade 4

December 21 - 10:00am: Grade 6, 1:00pm: Grade 3, 2:00pm: Grade 4



RES Little Red Sneaker Award

November's Little Red Sneaker Award recipients are Mrs. Kaitlin Smith and Mrs. Julie Vereschagin and Mr. Brent Maxwell.

Mr. Stone nominated Mrs. Smith and had this to say "To me, the obvious choice is Kaity Smith. She is never afraid to ask questions and ask for help. She is equally helpful with sharing resources, strategies and funny stories; I've said before that I feel like she's a veteran teacher with her knowledgeable insights and sharing valuable resources. Her strong work ethic is apparent by her abilities to stay focused on tasks and participates fully in school PLC. Kaity is kind, courteous, professional, and I can clearly see she loves the students. They feel safe because they are safe.

Miss Bright and Mrs Thompson nominated Mrs. Vereschagin and Mr. Maxwell. This iswhat they had to say: "Though they do not work directly together, Mrs. Julie Vereschagin and Mr. Brent Maxwell teach almost every student in our school on a weekly basis, through their involvement and work in Music and Physical Education. 

     Mrs. Vereschagin not only helped plan and prepare the students for our Remembrance Day assembly, but she also guided students in her spare time in Recorder Karate, Junior and Senior Choir, and is preparing grade 3 students for their upcoming Christmas concert, while also beginning the work for the spring play. Her dedication to music education is evident in her students' love for and growth in musicality. Plus, she has a beautiful smile. 

     Mr. Maxwell is always on the go, teaching large groups of loud and energetic children, and also running the lunchtime intramural program. He introduces the students to engaging and challenging games and activities that encourage health and well-being and build good sportsmanship. Plus, he has a handsome smile. 

     We are so lucky to have both of these talented teachers running our options programs"

Congratulations to these awesome teachers!

*Mr. Maxwell was unavailable for a picture



With only 15 school days until Christmas holidays, our Grade 6 Student Spirit Committee has decided it is time to spread a little Christmas cheer at RES! The following activities will be taking place in December:

December 1 - December 20 - Food Tower Challenge - each class is being challenged to collect as many non-perishable food items to be donated to the food bank. On Wednesday, December 20th we will have a contest to see which class created the tallest food tower! Grade 6 Spirit Committee will visit each class and decide who has built the tallest tower!

Monday,  December 11 - Christmas Dress-Up Day - Students are encouraged to come dressed as an elf, a reindeer, Santa . . .  or just wear your ugly Christmas sweater!

Thursday, December 21 - Pajama Day! Dress in your comfiest pajamas for the last day of school before the break!



RES would like to thank Derra Murray for once again organizing Operation Christmas Child in our school. We would also like to express our thanks to all of the parents who came on this snowy Friday to help pack the boxes, all of the parents who supported this event with donations and the students who brought so many wonderful items! We filled 48 boxes this year!

This is an amazing project and we know what a difference it makes. Here is a link to a short video that beautifully demonstrates the power giving has on others! Thank you Raymond for supporting us!



RES is pleased to announce the RES LITTLE RED SNEAKER AWARD. This monthly award will be given to teachers, by teachers, who go the extra mile for kids in our school.RES Red Sneaker Award winners for October are Mr. Mike Stone and Miss Bright and Mrs Thomson.

This is what the grade 6 team had to say about why they awarded the Red Sneaker Award to Mr. Stone. "Mr. Stone has a welcoming and calm presence in the portables for all students. He is literally willing to drop what he is doing to help anyone out, and is continually finding ways to better meet the needs of his students. Mr. Stone's positive nature and infectious smile affects both teachers and students and we are very lucky to have him in our school community!"

This is what Mrs. Bevans had to say about Miss Bright and Mrs. Thomson. "My criteria was based on their dedication to education, engagement and encouragement. First, education - I admire anyone that takes the time to better themselves whether that is by learning a new skill or getting your masters. Even with their busy lives, these two women have chosen to go back to school and share what they are learning with us. Second, engagement - Miss Bright and Mrs. Thomson have put a lot of time and energy into teaching us that engagement in math is just as important as it is in literacy. I have been able to teach in both of their classes and have seen the results of their practice first hand. And last, encouragement - Miss Bright and Mrs. Thomson are always there to help anyone who needs them. I have had questions about everything from classroom management to teaching strategies  . . . They have answered my texts, sent e links to new teaching techniques, and let me try out their own resources."

CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. Stone and Miss Bright and Mrs. Thomson!