Dare to Care

We were happy to welcome Lisa Dixon-Wells back to Raymond Elementary School for the presentation of the Dare to Care program.

This anti-bullying program was presented to each grade level individually, so that the program could be tailored to the understanding of the students. Students were taught how to handle bullies, how to ALWAYS seek out adult help. And the difference between bullying and single incidences.

Staff were also trained in the management of bullying in a school environment. Our biggest message home is that every incidence of bullying will be dealt with on an individual basis. The largest roadblock in helping the students is that students don’t always let us know what is happening. Please help us by leKng your child know that they should always seek out adult help, even if they have to go to the Principal himself.

Ms. Dixon-Wells also spent an evening with the parents of our community. Although it wasn’t the best of turn-outs, those that were in aMendance were very impressed with the message delivered to them. If you would like more information, check out their website: www.daretocare.ca

We would like to thank the Dare-to-Care providers for coming into our school with such a great message. We would also like to thank all staff members for their support of this program and a big thanks goes out to our school council for their support and sponsorship of the parent evening.

Remember that our fight against bullying starts with each one of us. If we stop ourselves from being the bully, no-one has to be worried about being bullied.