RES Little Red Sneaker Award

After taking a break for the month of December, RES is pleased to announce January's Little Red Sneaker Award recipients are Mr. Dale Stevenson and Miss Jodi Jensen!

This is what Mrs. Vereschagin and Mr. Maxwell had to say about Mr. Stevenson:

"The Little Red Shoe Award is going to someone that not only goes the extra mile for students but also goes the extra mile for our staff. We have seen this teacher play many roles in our school. In our 1S1B assemblies, he’s been scolded by his mother as little John Midas. He’s entertained us as a very large pink pig in a very small pig costume. Just this Christmas he played a “huge” role in the Grade 3 Christmas concert. He whipped together a brand new RES piano stand over the course of a weekend and he has been seen cleaning snow off his colleagues’ cars at the end of a snowy day. Mr. Stevenson reminds us that sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make a big difference for everyone."

Here are Mrs. Smith's reason's for awarding Miss Jensen the Little Red Sneaker:

"I have chosen Miss Jodi Jensen to be the next recipient of the R.E.S. Red Sneaker Award. There are numerous reasons why Miss Jensen deserves recognition – she is hard working, hilarious, helpful, easy going, and always a source of entertainment in the staff room. However, I think the greatest testament to Miss Jensen’s outstanding qualities as a person and as a teacher is through her past and current students. I know that my students who have been in her class speak highly of “Queen JJ,” and often go to visit her before school begins. They still talk about how they got to eat cake for their fractions unit, and subway for their multiplication successes. I think this speaks volumes for the kind of teacher the Jodi is, and so, she seems very deserving of the Red Sneaker Award. Thank you, Miss Jensen, for going the extra distance for children."

Congratulations to this month's recipients!