RES Little Red Sneaker Award

RES is pleased to announce February's Little Red Sneaker Award recipients are Mr. Gary Greep and Miss Jamie Jensen!

Miss Jodi Jensen had the following to say about Mr. Greep:
      "I have chosen Mr. Gary Greep as the Red Shoe recipient. Mr. Greep is a behind the scenes type of person. He is willing to go the extra mile in setting up anything that needs to be set up in the school. I believe he even spends evenings hauling staging and bleachers from the other schools to our gym He is one of the first teachers to drop what he is doing to help make equipment for special event days. Mr. Greep treats all of the students with respect and kindness. You can tell that his students enjoy being in his class. I often see students from the other schools drop in to see their favourite teacher. He is also willing to share his resources with his colleagues. Mr. Greep is very deserving of this award. Thank you for being a great teacher!"

Mr. Stevenson awarded Miss Jamie Jensen the Little Red shoe for the following reasons:
       "The person who I am giving the red shoe to is someone who exemplifies exactly what it means to be a teacher. I don’t think any other teacher is more involved in committees and other school initiatives to help improve the experience that students at RES receive. I know most of my resources and probably most of the other teachers in Div. 1 resources are things that she has made and given away. In my interview to get a teaching job at RES I was asked if I could pick a mentor who would I pick, I didn’t hesitate at all. This teacher has helped me become a much more confident teacher and helped me to progress at a rate that I would never have been able to do without her guidance. I’m sure we can all think of a time that she has positively impacted your teaching as well. She may have the messiest room, but it’s all teacher gold. I’m giving the red shoe to Jamie Jensen."

Congratulations to both!