One School One Book

One School, One Book is a program designed to create a shared reading experience within a single elementary school community. A chapter book is chosen, every family in the elementary school receives a copy, and every family reads that book at home over the course of a single month. Activities at school coordinate, promote and enrich the shared reading experience.

Proudly Sponsored by the Raymond Lions Club

2017: Audrey (cow) by Dan Bar-el


Audrey is a cow with poetry in her blood, who yearns for the greener pastures beyond Bittersweet Farms.  But when Roy the horse tells this bovine dreamer that she is headed for Abbot’s War, the slaughter house, Audrey knows that she must leave her home and friends sooner than she ever imagined.  With the help of a whole crew of animals and humans alike, Audrey attempts to escape the farm she lives on—and certain death.

Cleverly written as an oral account, this unique illustrated tale of an animal on the run, told “to camera”, uses over thirty narrative voices, including six humans, four cows, three sheep, two sheep dogs, one pig and a very silly rooster.  Full of heart and humour, Audrey (cow) is ultimately a very human story about life and death, friendship, and holding on to one’s dreams-based more or less on a true story.

The One School, One Book Project will provide you with a scheduled expectation to read aloud as a family.  We ask that you follow the provided schedule and read aloud together each week when possible as we have weekly trivia questions and school activities based on the week’s readings.  Please use the weekends if needed to make the schedule work for your family.  This story has many distinct and hilarious characters and lends itself to reading in a variety of interesting voices. Remember to read to the end of the story character’s part as you follow the reading bookmark.  We will have a chance to meet and listen to the author, Dan Bar-rel when he visits RES at the end of the month!


Reading Schedule

Feb. 28 - March 4

  • Tuesday – pgs. 2-11
  • Wednesday – pgs. 12-22
  • Thursday – pgs. 23-33
  • Friday – pgs. 34-45


March 5-11

  • Monday – pgs. 46-57
  • Tuesday – pgs. 58-68
  • Wednesday - pgs. 69-80
  • Thursday pgs. 81-92
  • Friday pgs. 93-103


March 12-18

  • Monday – pgs. 104-115
  • Tuesday – pgs. 116-127
  • Wednesday – pgs. 128-139
  • Thursday-pgs 140-151
  • Friday – pgs.152-163


March 19-25

  • Monday – pgs. 166-175
  • Tuesday – pgs.176-186
  • Wednesday – pgs. 187-196
  • Thursday – pgs. 197-206
  • Friday – pgs. 207-217


March 27

  • Monday – pgs. 218-230

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